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Top films about gambling

Top films about gambling

The Gambler

The Gambler

This is an old movie that premiered in 1974, yet it still deserves all the laurels. It’s about a guy, Fred, who seems to have it all, a gorgeous, insanely beautiful girlfriend, a loving mother who is actually a doctor and a super granny. On top of that, he himself is handsome, intelligent, with the whole world at his feet. The only problem is that he also has a serious gambling problem.

The film shows the negative aspect of gambling and one that has affected many lives over the years. It tells the story of a man who has it all and sees his life spiral out of control due to his gambling addiction. The consequence of this is that he starts to lose the precious things in his life, but this is what excites him even more. He loses all his money, puts his life in danger, but doesn’t stop gambling.

As such, The Gambler is a film worth seeing. Most movies about gambling present a glossy, exciting, luxurious picture of gamblers living a high-class life. But this one right here, tells the truth. It shows exactly how your life can change if you don’t engage in responsible, moderate gambling.

Casino Royale

James Bond

Of course, we had to mention the James Bond movie because we all know that this iconic movie character loves gambling and is quite good at it. Now that the character has been played by so many amazing actors, it looks like with Daniel Craig, the franchise has hit the jackpot. Especially in the movie Casino Royale. Critics claimed it was a near-perfect James Bond film, but we’d add that it’s also one of the best gambling films.

Basically, Casino Royale is about Bond trying to catch Le Chiffre, the financier of a terrorist organisation, by playing high-stakes poker with him. It’s set in Montenegro, at the famed Casino Royale casino, and you’ll be clinging to the back of your seat throughout. Especially the scene where Bond takes on an enemy in an incredible all-or-nothing game clash. The scene is literally breathtaking and the intensity of the atmosphere truly incredible. It is perhaps the most intense moment in recent film history and one of the most unforgettable scenes in Bond film history.

Oceans’s Eleven

As a comedy film, again starring Matt Damon, but this time with George Clooney, Andy Garcia, Brad Pit and the wonderful Julia Roberts, directed by Steven Soderbergh, Ocean’s Eleven has everything you need. It has Hollywood elements, it has humour and, of course, all your favourite actors in one place.

And, as presented, the movie is about a big heist where Danny Ocean and his accomplices try to rob three casinos in Las Vegas at the same time! If you want in on the action, this is where you get it, because of course things get complicated when you’re trying to rob three casinos at the same time. Add to that when you’re trying to rob a gambling tycoon who is married to your ex-girlfriend, and you have a recipe for disaster. But can Ocean succeed? You’ll discover after watching this fast-paced, amazing video.

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