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Traveling within the borders of the UK is expensive, especially when compared to the mainland Europe. For popular routes, the situation is a little better, since there are many busses and trains for each commute. If you want to go to smaller towns or even villages, things get a little bit more difficult.


traveling types

Compared to buses, train is a little bit more costly. Still, it has an advantage of coverage. You can take trains to almost anywhere in England. Still, in some regions, there are buses but there are no trains.

If you intend to travel off the beaten track and visit remote places,  it is a much better idea to get a car. Some regions don’t even have buses and other forms of public transport. Still, you can rent a car at almost every airport. You should know what you’re going to do once you land in England. With that information, you can decide between renting a car and taking a train or a bus.

Car has an obvious advantage, as it gives you freedom to go anywhere you want. Still, car reservation costs for few days can be quite high. On top of that, you’ll also have to pay for fuel and insurance. If you plan your trip well, you should be able to go anywhere you want without renting a car. Trains, buses, bikes and your feet should be more than enough.

Also, if you’re planning to visit the UK during the peak travel season, you’ll have to reserve tickets in advance. Otherwise, if you just show up for the train or a bus, the tickets may be sold out. On top of that, you can save a lot of money by buying tickets ahead of time.

If the distance between towns is very long, you can try flying as well. This is particularly useful if you’re going from south of the country to Scotland, or Northern Ireland. The biggest players in the space of UK air travel are easyJet, Ryanair, and British Airways. The former two are less expensive, and in some cases, could be cheaper than a bus. If the travel distance is short, there’s really no need to fly. It is not as cheap as trains. As a passenger, if you’re on a long distance trip, you can play at Mason Slots Casino to pass free time.


In general, England is not a sparsely populated country, the opposite. It is quite dense, so sometimes train and a bike is all you need to explore the countryside. Most of the time, trains won’t charge you anything extra for taking a bike on board. However, in this scenario, you can not travel on trains during the times of heavy traffic. During these times, the trains are crowded and there might not be enough space for your bike. Foldable bikes take up less space, so they’re easier to carry. In any case, you should specify that you have a bike when ordering the tickets. If you buy your tickets in person, the clerk at the railway station will help you book some space for your bike as well. Buses do not have space for bikes, so keep that in mind when choosing between trains and coach.

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