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Cartoons That You Definitely Should Watch

Cartoons That You Definitely Should Watch

Today we will introduce you to the best cartoons that you definitely need to watch. Many of us love cartoons, as they give us joy and give us the opportunity to plunge into the magical world, just like a TonyBet app. Well, let’s get down to our top.

“How to Train a Dragon” (2010)

A young Viking has trouble being a “real” Viking in the eyes of others. He can’t kill a dragon. He tries to do it with all his might, but fate is preparing another test for him – to try to make friends with ferocious Vikings and no less cruel dragons.

“Carried Away by Ghosts” (2001)

The girl Chihiro moves with her parents to a new house in the outback of Japan. On the way, they find themselves in a strange city and find a table set with food. Parents start eating and turn into pigs. It turns out that the desert city is another world inhabited by ghosts, and the evil witch Yubaba bewitched the girl’s parents. Now Chihiro simply has to save her family and get out of the world of ghosts. In 2003, director Hayao Miyazaki received an Oscar for this cartoon.

“Zveropolis” (2016)


The best-animated film of 2017 according to the American Film Academy. Zveropolis is similar to an ordinary modern metropolis, but with one thing: animals, not people, live in it. As in any city, there is its own police, where a young hare goes to work. Experienced policemen – buffaloes, cheetahs, and rhinos – doubt her abilities. But suddenly she gets the opportunity to solve a difficult case and prove what she is capable of. As a partner, the hare gets a local fox-swindler Nick Wild. The fate of the whole city depends on their work.

“Puzzle” (2015)

A story about a schoolgirl Riley and her emotions: they look like five colorful little men who sit at the table and control the behavior of the girl. Like any normal person, there are five of them: Joy, Anger, Sadness, Fear, and Disgust. One day, Joy and Sadness, which are constantly in conflict, accidentally fall into long-term memory. Without these emotions, Riley begins to behave very strangely. And the rest will have to deal with it. Like the previous two cartoons, “Puzzle” won the Academy Award for Best Animated Film.

“WALL·I” (2008)

is another Oscar winner. People have long since flown into space and turned into clumsy sluggards who are too lazy to even walk. Meanwhile, there are mountains of garbage left on the Ground from them, which the robot WALL ·I is trying to clear. He doesn’t know yet that he has to meet real friends, fly into space and help people who are no longer like themselves to become better.

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