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Gambling in LOL

Gambling in LOL

Until a few years ago it was possible to find a 3v3 mode in LoL, but nowadays there are only 5v5 options, that is, two teams that duel against each other in the various lanes of the main game modes. The most famous of these is Summoner’s Rift, but there are also ARAM Howling Abyss and Teamfight Tactics (TFT).

Of course, within each mode there is a huge variety of possible bet types, and it’s worth knowing at least the most popular ones. To familiarize yourself with them all, however, you need to actually play LOL or at least follow the matches with some effort.

Markets and odds in LOL

lol champion

As we have said, the different game modes of LOL mean that the odds and markets vary a lot from one to another. The easiest way to try to understand this is deepening in the game by itself.

Anyway, let’s know the main markets of LoL, which in general are present in the most common mode of play, Summoner’s Rift, a 5v5 of two teams with several lanes (paths) to the opponent’s Nexus, a multitude of enemy NPCs and more.

Final score

Most basic wager, it consists, as the name says, in guessing the winner of the match. No secrets here, since there is no possibility of a tie. Just choose Team A or Team B.

Exact score

The game system of LOL is Best of Three, which means that there are only two possible exact scores: 2×0 or 2×1, whichever way. This naturally opens up the possibility of four different bets, but that’s it.

First Blood and First Inhibitor

These are bets unique to LOL (unlike the previous ones, which exist in other games).

To bet on First Blood is to bet on who will kill the first Champion, while to bet on First Inhibitor is to bet on who will destroy the first enemy Inhibitor (a defensive structure related to maintaining the Nexus).

LOL eSports betting sites

Anyone who wants to place eSports bets on LOL or any other game wants to make sure they are on the best possible site for that. Finding the best site for betting may not be easy, but our aim is to assist with exactly that.

The first concern of any gambler should be their safety. Betting sites are online spaces where you enter not only personal details, but also money; being safe is absolutely essential for both aspects.

Besides the security part, our selection criteria include everything that could affect your online gambling experience: the quality of the markets and odds, the available deposit and withdrawal methods, the customer service, the bonuses and special offers, the presence or not of an app and more.

More about LOL betting

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League of Legends is an extremely popular game and has not fallen out of favour even after so many years. Played since 2009, this MOBA continues to be one of the most popular not only in its segment, but of all games in the world.

LOL eSports betting is guaranteed on all major sports betting sites worldwide. It is one of the few games, alongside CS:GO and DOTA 2 perhaps, that will always have at least one event happening in real time to bet on, thanks to its worldwide spread and popularity.

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