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Anger bets – consistently avoid tilt and anger bets

Anger bets – consistently avoid tilt and anger bets

Even experienced and well-informed sports bettors miss the mark from time to time and have to cope with the loss of their stake. However, there are also some sports betting friends who cannot cope with a lost betting slip and subsequently tend to make risky rage bets. Anger bets, however, are always a bad advisor when it comes to online sports betting with a system. It was not uncommon in the past for players to blow their entire betting account through frustration and a subsequent tilt bet. We have dealt with exactly this condition of a sports bettor worth considering and want to give you a lot of important information in this guide.

What is a tilt about?

First of all, we want to state that rage bets or tilt bets basically do not have to have anything to do with a gambling addiction. Rather, frustration bets arise from a personal defeat that the sports bettor simply cannot accept. Perhaps you have already experienced this feeling yourself. You are on the verge of a big win on a betting slip and at the last second the all-important game goes wrong.

A supposed offside position, an unjustified penalty or a catastrophic goalkeeper error often tip the scales. Especially with such close decisions, some bettors unfortunately tend to place uncontrolled anger bets and thus put further capital at risk. Those who place a tilt bet act out of their inner anger and do not focus on whether the betting slip ultimately makes any sense at all. Stopping sports betting for this day is always the best advice to get your emotions under control again.

Avoiding a tilt bet – Important practical tips

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Frustration bets and anger bets are placed completely uncontrollably and usually with far too high stakes. Players who place tilt bets aim directly to recoup the lost stake from the previous betting slip. The sports bettor cannot wait at this moment, does not come to rest and thinks only of ending the day positively with online sports betting. In practice, however, this is a very big mistake, because in many cases these bets backfire and further bets are lost. It is very difficult to stop betting on sports in this state.

Those who no longer have their frustration bets under control tend to make further deposits and sometimes even raid their current account. For this reason, we have looked at how you can avoid a frustration bet. In order to avoid a tilt bet, it is especially important that you get your emotions back under control and do not make any rash decisions regarding new sports bet or a new deposit.

Demonstrate self-discipline

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If you lose a bet, you have to show self-discipline. You have to realise right from the start that losses in online sports betting are always part of the game. Otherwise, you will tend to place tilt bets and suffer a further loss due to your rash actions.

In order to avoid rage betting, you should also set yourself a fixed plan. Choose certain games on which you want to place your bets on a match day. In the end, you should stick to this plan, regardless of whether you come out of the day with a profit or a loss.

In addition, always view online sports betting with the necessary distance and do not let yourself be carried away by personal sympathies for a certain club to make an ill-considered sports bet. Then it can easily happen that you lose the bet just because you did not look at the game with enough distance.

Record your bets in writing

In order to better deal with a sports betting loss, you should always record your bets in writing or in a file on your computer. This way you can keep track of your bets and concentrate on your next bets.

In addition, this is a very good way to draw up a concrete profit and loss account. Even if you suffer a sports betting loss, this does not mean that you are also in the red. Sports betting should always be seen as a big picture and not just a short-term thing.

Place sports bets only once a day

You should always set yourself the goal of placing your sports bets only once a day so that you can avoid a tilting bet. Here again, you must show self-discipline and not overshoot the mark. The best bets are usually placed directly at the start of the day after a detailed analysis. All further tips are often only half-heartedly analysed and thus there is a risk of placing further rage bets. Discipline is therefore also required at all times with regard to the number of sports bets placed. Stopping sports betting on the respective day is therefore particularly important in order to be able to safely avoid a tilting bet.

Allow for longer periods of loss

Unfortunately, a sports betting loss is definitely a part of your bets. If you want to start betting online, you should always take into account that longer loss phases can occur. This should also not upset you at any time, as otherwise tilt bets may occur.

Even if you have not had a good hit for a longer period of time, you should always stick to your course of action and not let yourself be carried away by rash bets on your betting slips. Also, you should never take a sports betting loss personally. These are events over which you have no control. With this in mind, you can very well avoid a frustrating bet.

Avoid bad betting systems

When you place your online sports bets, you should always carry out a very good analysis of the individual games and also follow your own strategy. However, there are some weak betting systems on the Internet that can quickly cause you to lose your credit.

Systems such as the Martingale system are predestined to tempt players into tilt betting. This is because when you lose, you have to keep increasing your bets to make up for the previous losses. This can quickly lead to stress and frustration, which immediately ends in rage betting. The Martingale system is therefore at no time a good guide to recouping a sports betting loss and certainly not to avoiding a bet on frustration.

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