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How to recognise a good sports betting app?

How to recognise a good sports betting app?

If you already have an account with a bookmaker, go to the website and check if all the functions are available on your mobile device in a betting app. You can view the history of offers and find the best desired betting options within a few seconds.

Below we have gathered again the main features for a good betting app:

  • Full betting offer available
  • Live betting can be accessed from the homepage
  • Quick links to current sports highlights
  • Quick and easy navigation with great cutting edge design
  • Possibility to make deposits and withdrawals
  • Contact with customer support
  • Integrated Cash-Out function
  • Fully featured, integrated games room
  • Advertising is omitted

Mobile betting bonus – the special extra

We cannot forget that some online bookmakers offer rewards for investments made via mobile devices in their betting app.

Free bet for the first game

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As a general rule, some bookmakers offer the opportunity of a free first bid, and the customer must qualify under certain conditions and criteria to receive the benefit. Some bookmakers also work with cashback models. This means that the free bet will only be awarded if the first bet has been lost.

Regular bonus for new customers

Of course, anyone who signs up with a bookmaker via their betting app will also receive the regular welcome bonus. On some platforms, you receive the bonus offers upon registration, without making any deposits. Usually, however, the betting bonus is calculated based on the first deposit made by the customer, and in many cases, the players’ deposit amount is compensated with a 100% bonus. Some bookmakers also set free bets in the bonus area for new customers.

Betting tips and tricks via the online betting app

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Not all sports betting will bring profit for you. Below we have gathered three small tips and tricks, with which you will have even greater success playing, either on the website or in the online betting app.

Don’t be tempted: Being able to access your betting platform from anywhere, you will have access to the latest betting offers all the time. However, don’t be tempted to bet all the time. Keep an eye out for opportunities and avoid rage betting after a defeat. Of course, live betting is understandably tempting. In the “in play” area, you should place low-value bets, as a real analysis of the bets cannot be done without the full information.

Stick to your normal betting strategy: Play with a fixed sports betting strategy on a mobile basis, based on defensive money management and a respectable bankroll. Before each bet, make a detailed analysis of the odds of the results.

Use the bonus: Use the bookmakers’ special mobile bonuses to upgrade your betting account. As they are usually free bets, you can hardly make any mistakes. If your bet is not successful, you haven’t lost anything by using the betting app.

Customer support

Problems and questions can arise at any time, even on mobile devices. The best customer support should be contacted directly from the betting app. Often, live chat is integrated into the betting apps, through which they can chat directly with the support team. Alternative ways of contact are usually a phone contact as well as email support. If there are technical difficulties with the betting app, however, some bookmakers do not have a specialist support that specialises in these questions.

In a good example of a sports betting app, you can also access the FAQ menu, where frequently asked questions are answered in advance. In our experience, however, the help menu via the mobile betting app is usually not as extensive as in the desktop version.

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