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Betting on FIFA

Betting on FIFA

FIFA online is not one of the most popular games at bookmakers, not least because it is not generally considered one of the eSports giants like Fornite, LoL and DOTA, for example. In fact, the eFootball segment is considered more of a niche than a global phenomenon like these others.

That said, we can summarize that, although the bets are relatively limited, it is a very exciting game to follow, since the professionals of the game are serious athletes who provide an electronic show worthy of professional players on the field.

FIFA Odds and markets


Not all bookmakers work with FIFA, and many of them are poor when it comes to the betting market. Make a good comparison of odds and markets before you start betting, here is the first tip.

A good bookmaker will offer, among others, at least the following markets:

1X2 bet

The most classic football bet is also an eSport betting option for FIFA. The 1X2 is nothing more than betting between winner/winner/loser, or put another way, home win, draw and visitor win. It is the basic bet and generally where everyone starts.

Double Chance

Very similar to 1X2, double chance (also called double chance) is an excellent choice for beginner bettors, since the odds are lower, but the chances of victory grow: it is the bet on two possible outcomes, instead of just one. In practical terms, is to bet on the victory of both teams, or the victory of one of them + the draw.

Both teams score

The name is self-explanatory. When it comes to video games, it may seem like an almost certain win at bookmakers, but make no mistake: FIFA played at level can be as (or more) studied and truncated as physical football, and sometimes the score won’t move for one side – it’s a game where both teams score.

More on FIFA betting

Football simulators have been around for decades. Ever since videogames became popular, there have been football simulation games, which started on early consoles such as Super Nintendo and SEGA Megadrive, and are now part of the modern Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft catalogue for their respective next-generation consoles.

Offline competitions have always existed, but the concept of online play was what gave forces to the popularisation of the game as a competitive option at levels beyond local; with the development of technology and the growth of the internet as a whole, in a few years FIFA and other related games became giants of simulators, player to professional level worldwide.

Electronic football may not be the first thing that comes to mind when the subject is eSport betting, but the mark that FIFA has left and keeps alive in the world of competitive games is indelible, and for this reason the bets on the game remain firm, even if they are not present in all specialized sites.

FIFA eSports Betting Sites

Men play

All the sites in our suggestions are tested and will be suggested as quality options after having gone through a rigorous selection sieve, which includes evaluation of bonuses, payment methods, regulation seals, odds, betting markets and much more.

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