All you need to know about skill-based slots?

All you need to know about skill-based slots?

How do skill-based slots work?

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In most cases, a mini-game can be triggered by drawing a certain number of special symbols. But sometimes you can even buy in to take part in a mini-game

You can place a separate side bet, usually a substantial one, so that you can enter the bonus round straight away and not wait for it to be triggered. This is an additional feature that has been included in recently released slots, as a way of giving players the opportunity to make an extra bet to get better odds of winning better payouts.

Now while the game still runs on the Random Number Generator as a whole, during this mini game, the outcome will depend on your skill as mentioned. Often these bonus rounds have levels. For example, if you win a fight against an avatar, you move on to the next level. In the next level, you fight another avatar. Win this fight and you hit the much coveted reward. Lose, and you are left with nothing or only the winnings you earned during the base game.

What the bonus mini-game requires of you depends on the main idea of the creator of the software. If the game tells a story, which is most often the case, you may have to complete a mission to advance to the next level or collect points to advance to the next round. Or go on an entire mission, as in BetSoft’s eventually played next-gen slot Max Quest: Wrath of Ra. Nevertheless, the developers always make sure to include attractive rewards for each level or round of the mini-game to make the reward worth playing the slot for.

What to keep in mind when choosing skill slots

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When choosing arcade slots to play, you need to consider the RTP of the game. This is the percentage of return to the player that would play a major role when it comes to paying out your winnings. As an online casino player, you must have heard about RTP by now, but let’s explain it briefly. Every online casino game offers a different RTP. This is the percentage that will be given to you if you win, and a small percentage will be disregarded as house edge. For example, you are playing a slot with a 97.00% RTP and you have invested 100USD in it. If you win all your money back in the base game, you will only get 97USD back and the 3USD left by the machine will be kept as house edge.

For skill-based slots, there is a trick. While the RTP in the base game can be 97.00%, it can be higher or lower in the bonus round. Some developers choose to increase the RTP in the bonus round to make the slot even more attractive. Others, on the other hand, choose to stay on the safe side and decrease the RTP in the bonus round, because here you have the chance of bigger payouts. So when choosing an arcade slot to play, make sure you check its RTP, both for the base game and the bonus round.

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